Après le déluge (After the Flood)

Chambord Inachevé Jury Prize (collaboration with Will Letchinger), 2019.


How Much Land Does a Man Need?

Medium-density housing proposal for Houston's Midtown neighborhood, 2018.



Promotional video, landmarker for a waste isolation site (collaboration with Arch out Loud), 2020.


Rosa Mexicano

A future for the abandoned NAICM construction site for Mexico City, option studio with Frida Escobedo and Heather Rowell at Rice University, 2019.



M Arch thesis, 2020.



A gas station in Dallas offers something unexpected, 2016.


Saint Martin's Neighbor

A proposal for a branch library in Austin, TX, 2017.


A Periscope Cinema

Architectural construction, 2015.


Death of the Panopticon

A circular proposal for the memorial at the Berlin Wall, 2014.

An animation created for a fourth year travel studio at the University of Cincinnati.

The Wall & the Death Strip

An animation created for a travel studio at the University of Cincinnati, 2014.



Vienna Museum Competition, 2015. Collaboration with Kyle Winston and Ryan Ball.


Side by Side

University of Cincinnati, 2014.