My Name is Scioto [2015]

History, present, and fate.

A short created for an architecture documentary course at the University of Cincinnati which seeks to capture an architectural experience over time. A combination of stills, video footage, and animation, the video attempts to tell the story of the Scioto Residence Hall on the university campus.


Historic photography courtesy of PFB Architects Inc.

Music: 44 (Noise Version), Apparat

The Wall and the Death Strip [2014]

A proposal to reorganize the Berlin Wall memorial site. The walkthrough animation was created following a fourth year travel abroad studio in the School of Architecture of Interior Design at the University of Cincinnati.

1989: The Death Strip divided a city into East and West.

2014: Reoccupying the Death Strip. The current wall memorial site is littered with artifacts as a factual preservation of history but does little to evoke an emotional response. An insertion, a circle, bounded between two walls, attempts to capture the tension the wall created The effect of registering the presence of others without direct contact is achieved by using a one- way mirror.

To read more about the proposal, click here.

Circuit I [2015]

This film documents the process for an installation in Cincinnati, Ohio that celebrates the simplicity of a floating white balloon. The installation, entitled "Circuit," took place around the water in Burnet Woods, Cincinnati and was submitted as a capstone for the fulfillment of a Bachelor of Science in Architecture in the School of Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Cincinnati.

Music: Go It Alone, Dash Berlin; Doghouse, David Wingo; Falling, Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow.
Photography: Arian van der Aar, Jonathan Wilkinson, Luke Sherron, Margaret Frank, Zach Scholl.

Circuit II [2015]

A proposal for an installation to be featured in UC's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning DAAPWorks show. 24" latex balloons and white LEDs. Programmed using Arduino IDE. Music credits: Ava, Ben Salisbury.

Detail [2015]

60 second continuous shot.

Inspired by the CINECITY Architecture Film competition and produced for a course at the University of Cincinnati, School of Architecture and Interior Design.

© Jonathan Wilkinson